Here are som of the most FAQs asked by many users of gifts.kudosnetwork.co.uk

What are free sites and how do they work?

A free site is a site that offers free gifts for the completion of an affiliate product/service. They receive a set amount of money from the people they refer to try these offers. They then get you to refer your friends to do the same. When you have referred enough friends (who have also completed an offer) they send you your gift FREE.

What kind of prizes do free sites offer?

You name it, there is probably a free site that offers it. Paypal, computers, ipods, headphones, laptops, giftcards, psps, vacuums, and many more things.

Are free sites really free and if so, how can they afford to send out a prize?

Yes, they can offer you free items because they are being paid for every offer you or friends complete through an affliate link. Sometimes free sites become not free if you paid for referrals or do an offer that cost money.

Are all free sites legit and if not, which ones are?

NO! Not all free sites are legit.

Is reading the Terms & Conditions of the free site important?

YES, YES, YES The terms and conditions vary from each site. You must read them at all sites to make sure you are not breaking any of their terms.

What are some general rules for all the free sites?

Some general rules for all free sites are: one signup per household, multiple accounts will be placed on hold, one gift per household per site, and offer fraud will result in your account being on hold.

Are there free sites that don’t require referrals?

Yes there are two kinds- A point based site, in which, you complete all the offers yourself for a specific amount of points. When you have received the number of points for your gift you “cash them out” for the desired prize. Most point sites you are able to complete over and over again, for many prizes. The other type of site that doesn’t require referrals is a Do It Yourself (DIY) site. This site requires you to do a specific amount of offers to receive a gift. They do not usually allow you to do the site more than once.

What does being put on Hold mean and is there anything I can do about it?

Being place on hold is a sign that something was done wrong or you account has suspicious activity. You can always try to find out the reason for being put on hold, through support. It does not necessarily mean your account will be taken off hold but it may.

What happens when I find all of my referrals and they are green?

When this happens you may submit your account for approval. They will then check your account for any violations of their terms.

After I’m approved what happens then?

You will click a link to place your order (if there is one, some free sites place it automatically for you) and then wait for the free sites next shipment to go out.

How long will it take for my item to be sent to me?

The times vary for each site. The site’s forum would probably be a helpful place to get an idea on how fast they ship their free items. but normally around 1-2 weeks.

What is an IP and how is it relevant to free sites?

An IP (Internet Protocol) is the unique address of a computer in a network. This forum and free sites will record and check your IP to make sure you are a unique household to their site. Offers also use your IP address to check that you have not completed the offer before.

What is fraud and what would be considered fraud?

Fraud is a deliberate misrepresentation or alteration of data in order to obtain your free gift. Some types of fraud can be referring yourself, putting false information in, doing offers more than once, using a stolen credit card, and there are many other types of fraud.