Completing offers - Getting referrals - Tips and tricks

There are generally three main ways to get referrals: asking friends and family, trading, and congas. Of course, there are other methods that may or may not be successful, but these are the ones supported by FGFS.


Friends and Family

Asking friends and family is one of the best ways to get referrals because they’re usually free! This works especially well around Birthdays and Holidays, because family and friends are more likely to help you get something for free. One good way to ask family and friends to help you is something like this:

Would you like to help me get a free iPod for my birthday?
It’s easy, costs less than an actual gift would cost, and takes only a few minutes from your home computer!
All you have to do is sign up for this website, complete an offer that you’re interested in
(like AOL, Blockbuster, or GameCrazy), and that’s it! It’ll only cost like $10 at most, and would be the best gift you can give me!

Some people also pay their friends to do referrals, because usually it’s cheaper than referrals online. Many friends would be willing to help you out for $10-$15 (depending on the friend, of course) - or even trade ref for ref with you if you help THEM get something free, too!



Trading Tips and Tricks: a mini-guide to help you get your referrals and avoid scammers.



A conga is a way for a group of people to each get referrals while helping others out.


Forums and Message Boards

If you are a enthusiastic member of a forum/message board, that is a very good place to start. Put your referral link in your signature for people to see and signup under you. Remember DO NOT SPAM your link or you will most likely be banned from the forums/message board.

If you make helpful posts or comments, people will notice it more than if you just repeat what someone else just wrote or keep posting “BUMP”. Try to post your link in forums/message boards with high traffic and ones that specialize in the gift you are working on. For example, if you are seeking referrals to get a gaming system, it is a good idea to post in forums/message boards that talk about different kinds of gaming systems.

Be sure to read the forums/message board’s rules to verify that you are allowed to put a freebie website referral link in your signature or posts.


Other Methods

Other ways to find referrals include blogs, eBay, internet advertising, and similar creative methods. These are not all legitimate and allowable methods, as they may cause you to be Disqualified on your freebie site, so make sure to read your site’s TOS/T&C carefully before trying something new.
Here are a some other methods for people who live on college or uni campuses:

Other public places for possibilities are:

Remember to ALWAYS ask permission before posting your material in public places. Otherwise, you may be liable for spamming/littering and thus be breaking sites’ Terms of Service.