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Q. How does this new marketing scheme work?
A. This marketing structure has been around for a long time! But only in the last 5 years has it been used in such a way as this. Marketers place ads for their respective companies on a portal also known as a “reward site”, and for each person that looks at these ads the reward site gets paid a certain amount of money. So the site owners capitalised on this, and gave out incentives for more and more people to come to their site. These ads then became offers and the incentives got better and bigger. Take a look at our how it works page for a full explanation.

Q. Surely this cant be for real? They wont give me a free ipod touch, PS3, or whatever!?
A. Yes, totally free. Each time an offer is completed, the reward site gains money, a percentage of this id then used to purchase your iPod touch, let’s use the iPod touch as an example...

1. You sign up! (The website gets paid £50)
2. 8 of your friends sign up under your referral link (The website gets paid a further 8x£50 = £400)
3. In total the website makes £450 (that’s your and your friends)
4. The website buys you your iPod touch for its cost price and keeps the profits!

Your Happy because you got your free gift!
The website is happy because it made a profit!
The marketing companies are happy because they've been exposed to new potential customers! IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE!

Look at the how it works page for a full explanation.

Q. How can I be sure this is not a scam?
A. Take a look at our proof it works page, it has various reports from reputable online sources as well as TV reports from the BBC and CNN. We have our own facebook group with numerous testimonials on it, pictures and videos. Many respectable companies such as Vodafone, BT, Gala Group, and Royal Mail are part of this marketing method, and would not want to be associated with any form of fraudulent marketing.

Q. Does it cost any money to complete the offers?
A. No, the lovefilm trial is completely free. However you can have a bit of fun with a £5 bet by completed the Coral or Gala offers, who knows you might win! The reasons why we recommend the Gala or Corel offers are because they take the least time to complete. Once you have signed up and played a game, your account will be credited and activated within 24 hours. The love film offer is totally free along as you cancel your account in 14 days, but it does take 14 days and 1 free rental to complete. So we do recommend the Corel or Gala offers. Simply because no one wants to wait around for 2 weeks.

Q. So what exactly is a referral?
A. Once you have signed up and completed an offer, you will receive a referral link. This is the link you should give out to people. When they sign up you get a green status, let’s use the iPod touch as an example, you need 8 people to sign up for you. These are your 8 referrals. Once all 8 have completed their offer, you will get 8 greens on your status. Once you have all 8 greens your iPod Touch or whatever it is that you want, is on its way to your door!

Q. So got any tips on getting greens?
A. I would recommend visiting the eXceem forums, take a look at the trades section and the how to get greens forum.

Q. Will I get spam from this site or any of the other sites I sign up to?
A. You will not receive any spam, the companies with offers available for completion are reputable companies that would not like to damage their reputation by spamming you. Privacy is a serious issue and maintained to a high standard. Our website does not hold any information about you or your friends, and your visits are not logged.


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