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‘Bhangra In The Boro’ is Loughborough's premier Bhangra night. Launching in 2006 @ the now infamous 'Custard Bar', it has since moved onto the bigger and better vibes @ the elegant 'Rapture' nightclub.

Over the last 3 years it's showcased some of the hottest local talent from the midlands, including our own home grown residents; Raj Hundal, Armi, Soulis and Nish. But this year it's about to up the levels with some amazing events…Keep locked on the group for further information.

Remember to go down yourself and see what all the hype is about...dont have your friends tell you the next day!


Website: http://youtube.com/bhangraintheboro






Loughborough’s Sikh Society was created in 2006, since then it has evolved into one of the biggest societies at Loughborough University.

The word 'Sikh' means 'Learner', a seeker of truth. Sikhism is recognised as being the 5th largest religion in the World. More importantly, it is a way of life that helps people on their individual journey through life.

The Sikh Society provides anyone that comes to Loughborough with an initial place to meet other Sikhs (and non Sikhs that are in the Sikh Society). It all goes towards making the university feel more like home.

The Sikh society isn’t a society that just sits in the background and keeps to itself. As well as providing fun events for its members including paintballing go carting and indoor events, it also aims to have a noticeable, positive, effect on Loughborough.

Have a look at their facebook page, or sign up at http://www.lufbra.net/society/sikh/








Sara is currently a student at Loughborough, studying Events Management and working her away through her final year! Henna designing has been her passion for several years now, since she was old enough to watch her mum do it. After rigorously practicing and ruining her own, her aunts', mum's and friends hands since the age of 10, she has now advanced onto a professional henna designer for brides aswell as for parties and festivals. She likes to ensure that she keeps up with the latest trends and can provide whatever style of mehendi you require.


Tel: 07929037405

E-mail: s-mehendiartist@gmail.com

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Rohini Dhamelia's work comes to life through intense sketchbook doodles which thoroughly chart her development from initial ideas to final outcome.

She uses her exciting visual language to communicate and connect with the audience through raw and emotional power.

Rohini finds inspiration from unlocking memories from personal experiences; travelling and exploring new places; eating exciting food; observing people young and old and of course everyday life.


Tel: 07999098766

E-mail: rohinidhamelia@gmail.com

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Arjun mistry is a young talented product designer, studying Product design and technology at Loughborough University. Arjun aims to create new, exciting and innovative products to meet the needs of all his clientele. As a young budding product designer Arjun has shown a range of exceptional skills, through his artistic use of CAD, concept sketching and prototype modelling.


Please feel free to contact Arjun, to discuss any freelance work you may require.

E-mail: arjunmistry@hotmail.com
















Sheffield Freebies is a Facebook group providing Sheffield students with freebies, offers and discounts.

The only place on the net to get fantastic offers available exclusively to Sheffield students for all your favourite places! Join the EXCLUSIVE GROUP and receive great offers direct to your FACEBOOK INBOX so you can make the most of your time in Sheffield!

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