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Proof from the media.


These were one of the first and best pieces of evidence that helped convince ourselves and others that this was genuine. It also helped explain how the process works, and exactly how these reward websites can afford to give you Free IPods and other gifts.


If those videos weren’t enough below is a link to an online Newcastle based newspaper, the article tells the background and success story of a young teenager who has set up his own rewards website. (Click here to read the article)

We have posted a few images that were sent in to us last year after our pilot website was launched at Loughborough University. We would like to thank the students of Loughborough University, who made it possible for our amazing launch and a special thank you to all the people who supported our website.



Here are a few of the pics sent to us and to Real-Incentives, with a thank you! (bless, we hope you enjoy the gifts!)

(Hover your mouse over the images to read the stories behind them!


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Here is a link to Wired.com, where the whole process is explained,

and another link to Engadget, where they explain how this great marketing system works!



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